March 19, 2015

Empire Recap: Die But Once/Who I Am

"Game time, bitches." I mean that last line pretty much summed up Empire's two hour season finale. So in that case, I can just leave my recap at that, right? No? Oh ok. Let's break it down then. Let me preface this by saying I looooovveeee … [Read more...]

March 12, 2015

Empire Recap: Sins of the Father

That. damn. Lucious That is pretty much how I felt after watching last night's Empire. Every damn time I think they won't take it a step further, they do. Seriously, I mean, Sonny and Carly never gave me such high blood pressure on General Hospital … [Read more...]

March 6, 2015

Empire Recap: Unto The Breach

The battle has begun. So listen, after Empire's latest episode; I have more questions that I do answers so I am asking in hopes that somebody can me help me out here? Why didn't Anika take any of her clothes with her? Cookie stormed over to … [Read more...]