January 10, 2018

18 Books to Keep You Focused in 2018

New year, new levels! New year, new goals! To help us reach the goals that I’m sure most of us set at the end of 2017, we need the right tools and resources to push us forward. Books are one of the most affordable mentors we can find out … [Read more...]

June 23, 2017

Read and Chill: The Perfect Summer 2017 Reads

As I’ve said before, there are a few things that are summer staples: BBQ, booze, and summer blockbusters. The other necessity? Beach reads! I find myself with a bit more time on my hands during the Summer, as a lot of us do, and while I like to be … [Read more...]

October 10, 2016

Four Books To Read This Fall

It's official Fall season! Fall means a lot of things, we're closer to the holidays and the year seems to have passed us by. And while many will see this as a reason to wind down, fall is actually a great time for a fresh start. With a little over … [Read more...]