July 5, 2019

Update #1: 2019 Reading Challenge

We're officially midway through 2019 which means it's time for a check in for the 2019 Reading Challenge! Now, I'm not even going to sit up here and lie to you all. My reading habits have been TRASHHHHHHHH for the past few … [Read more...]

December 10, 2018

2019 Reading Challenge

You know what time it is! A new year is approaching which means it's time for a new reading challenge! I always have a fun time creating this yearly list and I'm always happy to hear when fellow readers are participating as well. This year, we … [Read more...]

August 15, 2018

Update 02: 2018 Reading Challenge

So we’re about 6 weeks into Q3 and it’s time for an update on my 2018 Reading Challenge. It’s pretty safe to say that I crushed my Goodreads goal. As of today, I read 134 books of my anticipated 75. That is 179%, I’m patting myself on the … [Read more...]