May 21, 2020

Review – Daisy: A Timeless Love by Asia Monique

The 4th Flower sister has found the love of her life in Daisy: A Timeless Love. Daisy Baker is the empath of the family and because she is, she wants to make everything as easy as possible for everyone. This including her newfound beau, … [Read more...]

April 20, 2020

Review – Lilac: A Sound Love by Asia Monique

I'm back, as promised, with Lilac's story! Not sure what I'm talking about? Click HERE to read my review of Book 1 of Asia Monique's The Flower Sisters series. Lilac is a food blogger and private chef and is in need of a website refresh. This … [Read more...]

April 15, 2020

Review – Magnolia: A Perfect Love by Asia Monique

Asia Monique has quickly become a favorite author of mine. When I read a book of hers, I know I'll have a solid storyline, crack a smile or two, and meet a guy I wish lived in my neighborhood. Her work just makes you feel good, and I like that a … [Read more...]