May 16, 2019

Review: Slipped up in Love by AshleyNicole

Family is everything. The Mason family surely believes that and practices that are we are introduced to this large and rambunctious family in Slipped up in Love by AshleyNicole. Travis is one of the Mason men. He and Cheyenne, our main … [Read more...]

May 13, 2019

Review: The Heart of Things by J.L. Campbell

I liked The Thick of Things and thought it had a nice ending so I wasn’t expecting this follow up. However, I was pleasantly surprised and excited to read it. Khalila and Doug are a year into their romance and while things are progressing, Doug … [Read more...]

April 25, 2019

Book Blitz: Rhyme & Reason by Nia Forrester

Rhyme & Reason by Nia Forrester is available now! My thoughts: I read this over the weekend and it is definitely a five-star read. I liked Deuce and Zora in Young, Rich & Black but they solidified their place in my heart with Rhyme … [Read more...]