July 31, 2019

Review – Falling for You: A Kensington & Benson Affair by Asia Monique

I recently started reading Asia Monique's books and quickly became a fan of her work. I like the flow and the passion her characters bring. So far the books I've read have all been connected and you know how much I am a fan of seeing previous … [Read more...]

July 9, 2019

Review: Care For Me by Bria Felicien

Derrick has had his fair share of pain, more than most would be able to cope with. He's not trying to make new friends, find no girlfriend or none of that. He wants to work, avoid his feelings and go on about his business (though he really can't … [Read more...]

June 19, 2019

Review: Falling for a Knight by Té Russ

I love a book with a little island flair as you know so seeing Trinidad mentioned in Falling for a Knight warranted a quick one click. Cynthia Tremaine is underappreciated and overworked in her current job and is well deserving of the girls trip … [Read more...]