October 26, 2018

You Should Read the Baymoor series by D.A. Young

A great small town romance makes the locations a prominent character. It has a strong familial bond; between actual siblings and the townspeople. The romance is just as memorable as the charm. A great example of this is the Baymoor series by D.A. … [Read more...]

October 22, 2018

Release Spotlight: Bankrolled by J. L. Campbell

Xyla Turner presents the Lady Guardians; 9 stories about strong, sexy and confident women who are members of a bike club. Today, we're celebrating the recent release of J.L. Campbell's Bankrolled. ABOUT BANKROLLED Strong-willed and … [Read more...]

October 10, 2018

Review: Something Special by Tiffany Patterson

Remember when you were younger and there was a boy that would pick on you in school all the time and you thought he hated you but he didn’t? He was just a mean prick because he had feelings for you and didn’t know how to say so? Well, Gabby and … [Read more...]