April 12, 2017

My Favorite TV Couples

It goes without saying that I love, love. I need a little bit of romance in just about all forms of entertainment that I indulge in, and this includes my tv shows. What would great television be without at least one solid romance to help anchor the show? Nowhere. That’s where.

So without further ado, here are my favorite TV couples:

Melanie and Derwin – The Game

While I wasn’t much of a fan of The Game in its later seasons, I always loved Melanie and Derwin. They were thrown into the world of professional sports (and everything that comes along with that) when Derwin was drafted to San Diego. They were college sweethearts and believed their love could weather any storm and could withstand the glaring lights of newfound fame. While it ultimately did, and they married, there were major setbacks and many times where it sometimes made it hard to root for them and stay optimistic that they would make it.


Sonny and Carly – General Hospital

If it’s nice, you have to do it twice! I fully detailed my love for this couple in a previous post I did about soap opera couples. This was truly the first TV couple I ever loved, and that certainly hasn’t changed today. I am a diehard Carson fan to the end. 🙂

Dwayne and Whitley – A Different World

My friend, Ashley, recently posted an old clip from A Different World on Facebook a while back that reminded me why I loved this couple so much. Whitley was the epitome of a southern belle, and very few men could ever live up to her high expectations. Dwayne Wayne is the complete opposite of Whitley would originally go for but he was everything that she needed in her life. Dwayne was the only person that could really put Whitley in her place, as evident by the clip below, and boy did I love it:


Listen, Whitley was better than me! I would have forgotten to say bye to those girls and hightailed it behind Dwayne. (Don’t mind me, you know I’m a sucker for things like this.)

Derek and Meredith – Grey’s Anatomy

Listen, I love me some Derek and Meredith. Shonda Rhimes knows how to get me to invest in a couple and that’s what she did with them. Meredith and Derek were the post-it children for miscommunication. She slept with him the night they met only to find out that he would be her superior at the hospital where she would be working. Oh, and he was married. There were so many things they had to work to finally get the family they deserved. They weren’t a conventional couple, as evident by the fact they initially exchanged vows via a Post-it note.

I was devastated when Derek died. Devastated. When I tell you I was LAID OUT when Derek died, I was laid out. I almost had to call in for work the next morning. That’s how distraught I was.

Olivia and Fitz – Scandal

Now, none of you should even be surprised that this couple is number one on my list. I haven’t loved a TV couple like this in ages. I love everything about Olivia and Fitz. The storyline, the love, and the chemistry is one that I am sure we will talk about for many, many years. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what makes a great TV super couple? Their love isn’t easy or simple by any stretch of the imagination. When they fell in love, he was married and the President of the United States. It’s complicated, it’s messy, and it’s devastating on many occasions. However, it’s obvious that they are each other’s soulmates and the type of love they have is the real deal even if they can’t seem to make it work for the long haul.



Special mention has to go to Noah and Rosalee of WGN’s Underground. I admire their strength while my heart breaks for their pain every, single episode. They’re steadily becoming one of my favorite couples but I’ll wait until the end of this second season when I think they’ll fully find their place on my TV couple list.

Oh, remind me to talk about the sheer brilliance that is WGN’s Underground later this month too. That show deserves all the damn awards!

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