May 24, 2017

My Favorite Fictional Families

I am a serial reader of serial romances. Ha! If it’s a familial book series, chances are that I want in. As I discovered a new familial sage to read, I started to think about all the other fictional families that I’ve grown attached to and love. A few of the series have ended but some are still going strong for more than a few years.

In the name of love, mystery, and the romance we all love; here are my favorite fictional families, in no particular order:


The Ramseys and Tesanos by Altonya Washington

I know, I know! I mention this series and these characters every chance I get. I cannot help, I simply love them so much. The Ramseys and Tesanos are devastating in every way: with their looks, their power, and their explosive secrets. The reason I love them so much is because I get high octane drama and romance in each book. What more can a girl like me ask for from her favorite authors?

I was very sad when the series ended last year with A Lover’s Return but I have been told that we may get glimpses of this family again soon in upcoming novels.

Start with: Dream and Pretense but I would recommend just buying the boxed set one time to save money.


The Wolf Pack by Maureen Smith

Can a wolf be tamed? According to Maureen Smith, with the right partner, yes they can! My favorite romantic suspense author knows quite a bit about erotic and contemporary romance.

Start with: Taming the Wolf


The Warner family by Ann Christopher

One of my favorite fictional families just so happens to be at the center of my favorite political romance as well. The Warner family has been shrouded in politics and privacy for as long as any of the current generations can remember. To make it into their circle, and their hearts, you have to have nerves of steel, be able to hold your own and willing to love the family despite all the baggage that can come with the power.

Start with: Campaign for Seduction (it isn’t the introduction to the Davis family but it’s my favorite!)


The LeVeq Brothers by Beverly Jenkins

The LeVeq brothers have a special place in my heart. We were first introduced to Raimond in my favorite historical romance, Indigo. After learning that he had five brothers, I knew we would be in for quite a treat as we saw these men settle down. The LeVeq brothers are polished yet rugged. While they are of pretty high standing because the wealth and power they wield, they don’t let get to their head much – and won’t apologize for who they choose to love, enough if it brings about much talk in their town.

Start with: Through The Storm


The Strong Family by Niobia Bryant

For a long time, I wasn’t a fan of small-town romances. However, Niobia Bryant (along with Rochelle Alers) may have been one of the first authors to get me to change my mind. The Strong family has a very successful ranch in a small South Carolina town. While the men in this family are rugged, they are passionate, loyal to a fault and strong, living up to their name. This family is the definition of down-home love and support. They are extremely close and protective of their own while managing to be warm and inviting to the new members of their family as the Strong children marry.

The second novel in the series, Hot Like Fire, is a personal favorite of mine as it tells the story of love after loss and the power of second chances.

Start with: Heated


The Madaris Family by Brenda Jackson

Now most people who know about my love for Brenda Jackson may think that the Westmoreland may be my favorite. While I love them quite a bit, I grew up in the Madaris family. They’re a bit smaller than the Westmorelands and they feel a more familiar and relatable to me. I’m pretty sure that Tonight and Forever were the first Jackson novel I snuck to read when I had no damn business reading it.

Start with: Tonight and Forever

The Hideaway Legacy by Rochelle Alers

If no other family made this list, long time readers of this blog know that the Cole family would. Look no further than this post to read why they’re a must read family and the Hideaway Legacy an absolute must series.

Start with: Hideaway ( which is also available via Kindle Unlimited, yay!! )


Do you have your favorite fictional families like I do? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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