November 4, 2016

The 2017 Reading Challenge

I’m getting a head start on my reading list for 2017. I normally wait until the first week in January to research and list the books I want to read for the year. I normally put just throw a number out there. One year, it was 100 and it was 60 another time. That was all fine and dandy but I got too wrapped up in the quantity instead of quality.  For the past couple of years, I’ve been participating in reading challenges, either one I’ve made myself or found through other sites. It has allowed me to read new genres, discover new authors, and read a few things I may not have picked up right away.

For the first time this year, I’ll be making my reading challenge public and open to all!


Now this reading challenge is broken up into two parts. If you frequent this site you know that my book reviews are really broken up into really two genres; Romance and Other. “Other” is where all other fiction and nonfiction go;  self-help, biographies, essay collections etc. You get the drift. Because 80% of the review content is romance, it just makes more sense for me to do it this way. This reading challenge will be the same but a lot more fair, only 50% will be romance. 🙂

I would love it if you all would join me. Since it’s 2017, I’ve chosen 17 tasks. To join, simply click HERE to download and print a copy of the challenge. Browse the site and I’m sure you’ll find many suggestions to tick a few things off of this list.

There’s a second part, though! For those who are participating, I STRONGLY encourage you to sign up for my email list ( at the end of this post), there may or may not be a certain gift card prize to be had at the end of this for the person who finishes first. 🙂


*Click HERE for the full list*

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Natalya Muncuff

Natalya Muncuff

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  • Jamie Ghione
    • Hi Jamie, thanks so much for sharing! Can’t wait to get started on the challenge, should be fun.

      I’ll also be checking out the other challenges, I always like to participate in a few.

  • Darlene’s Book Nook

    Great challenge! I’m in!! Here’s my 2017 challenge page:

    Thanks for hosting!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Darlene, greatly appreciate it!

  • I have you added to the 2017 Challenge Directory. Wishing you a successful challenge and reading year in 2017.

    • Thank you! Happy Reading in 2017!

    • Thank you so much! Happy Reading in 2017! 🙂

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  • Gina, a book dragon

    Can authors be celebrities 😉 or do you mean more like actors or sport players?

    • Meant more like actors, singers, or athletes. 🙂

      • Gina, a book dragon

        Thought so but wanted clarification – I’ve got a great book picked out that counts 🙂

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  • Benish

    Great challenge 🙂 Benish @ Beenazai

  • Hallo, Hallo! 🙂

    I look forward to joining you this year! I added your reading challenge to my blog! (see this post!) I’ve been seeking out a few challenges this year – as last year I took a hiatus from attempting them. I love the variety of choices but also, the fact I haven’t found your blog until now – I spied this challenge listed here. Here’s to having a lot of wicked good reads this year! Followed you on Twitter, too so I can keep apprised of the challenge!

    I might not be the first to finish the challenge – as I’m going to stretch this from Feb to Dec, but I’m thankful to be a part of it. Here’s to the books we’re about to meet!

    • Thanks so much for sharing the reading challenge on your blog! I’m very excited about the books we’ll all be reading this year and can’t wait to hear about your list. 🙂

  • Hello island girl! I’m a Canadian girl and guess I don’t have to worry about that gift card coming from a sister company “.ca” instead of “.com”? I see a way to do your categories, if it wouldn’t disqualify me. I have to do my own take to eliminate a few disadvantages; like not being a romance genre-reader at all! LOL I can work with that: there is romance in the mystery and paranormal *I* favour. I’m not on Twitter (have rural slow speed internet) most notably. I could do a mystery romance with a person of colour but historical? Probably historical too but not both. Finance, Oprah are tricky but I could manage. I don’t share Oprah’s tastes but have a few she has discussed.

    My #1 rule with challenges is that I shop from my own shelves, you see. If categories aren’t strict, I’ll have fun making a pile of what I come up with! I’ll be reading the same number as everyone else if approaching a couple creatively is all right. In lieu of Twitter for example, a book that someone I know from another sources likes/recommends. I stand by for your opinion and invite you to my quartet of challenges as well! Oh and I’m about to go to a used bookshop so maybe this once, I’ll grab something with you in mind! 🙂 Sincerely, Carolyn.

    • Thanks so much for checking out the challenge!

      The fun thing with the challenges is that it does cause us to go outside of our comfort zones a bit. I think that opens our eyes up to a few different genres or authors we wouldn’t necessarily read. 🙂 Since you’re not on Twitter, maybe have someone in your used bookshop offer a suggestion? If not, a suggestion from someone you know would be great!
      The historical romance by a person of color is probably one of the few that I am quite adamant about, there are quite a few good ones out there that I think you would like despite not liking the romance genre that much.
      I do have a prompt on the list that asks you to read read/buy the first book you see when you walk in a bookstore so I hope despite shopping from your own shelves for the book challenge that you’ll still participate.

      Happy Reading! 🙂

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  • Jamie Ghione

    Hi, are you going to do a challenge for 2018? The one you did this year was fun.