March 27, 2017

Review: Breathless by Beverly Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins is back with her latest release in the Rhine Fontaine trilogy, Breathless. While this book didn’t necessarily leave me breathless like the title suggests, it was a fairly good read. I love when I get to peek into the lives of old … [Read more...]

March 22, 2017

The Art of Reading

We all know that I read a ton. Hell, this IS primarily a book blog. 80% of the content you'll find while perusing this site has to do with some form of literature. I tote my Kindle around in my purse all the time and sometimes I'll add a paperback … [Read more...]

March 15, 2017

Three Reading Apps Every Book Lover Needs

It is very rare that you can look in my purse and not find a book in there. I love to carry a book in my bag at all times because you simply never know when you may need it. I may have down time while at the car dealership when my vehicle is being … [Read more...]